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Welcome to College of Pharmacy
at Chungnam National University

Prof. Sang-Kyum Kim, Ph.D. Dean
College of Pharmacy
Chungnam National University

Since it was established in 1979, the College of Pharmacy at Chungnam National University has made an outstanding achievements in the area of pharmacy education and biomedical research. It has produced more than 1,700 graduates with bachelor’s degree and 800 graduates with master or Ph.D. degree, playing central roles in both academic and industrial fields for the development of our society.

The 2+4 year pharmacy program and integrated six-year pharmacy program that are designed to put more emphasis on education for basic pharmacology, clinical pharmacy and practical training was launched in 2011, and 2023, respectively. Since then, faculties of our college have made an unremitting efforts to provide students with all the resources they need to adapt to the new program comfortably and to achieve their educational goals.

Our college also operates a highly reputed graduate program. Recently, the College of Pharmacy has been awarded with the BK21 Four Program administered by the Korean Ministry of Education for the purpose of strengthening domestic graduate programs. In addition, the Institute of Drug Research and Development was recognized as a Priority Research Center supported by the National Research Foundation. Furthermore, our faculty members have been performed famous research team projects such as the Basic Research Laboratory (BRL) and Convergence Research Center (CRC) by the National Research Foundation. It is also worth noting that our college was rated by Chosun-Ilbo and Joongang-Ilbo, leading Korean newspapers, as one of the best pharmacy schools in the nation based on its quality of research and publication records.

At last, our college was ranked No. 1 by “QS World University Ranking by Subject Pharmacy & Pharmacology” among Korean Major National Universities in 2021 and 2022. Many thanks return to all including renowned faculties, students and alumni to make it possible such a good reputation.

On behalf of the faculties and students of our college, I would like to sincerely acknowledge all alumni for their generosity and the outpouring support that they have given our college. I pledge to continue to do my best to build up a more beneficial and productive educational and research programs and be an important contribution to our society.